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Horse riding in Ruby Country is a rewarding experience, with lots of places to discover and opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Access from Ruby Country to the free-riding areas on Dartmoor is easy, where a different experience can be had. Horse riding in Ruby Country allows you the freedom to experience peace and tranquility, stunning landscape and diverse wildlife and habitats of rural Devon.

Ruby Rides

To download a copy of the Ruby Rides brochure, containing 6 circular routes suitable for walkers and cyclists too, click here.


To view each of the 6 routes individually click on link or map  to visit the Trail Rides details in Ruby Country.


A 10.2 mile trail starting and finishing in Cookworthy Forest with ample parking available. The ride also takes in Halwill Junction and the small hamlet of Halwill.


A 9.2 mile trail starting and ending at Thorndon Cross, where there is a small amount of parking available. The trail heads towards Ashbury, from where there are spectacle views of Dartmoor.


A 10.2 mile trail starting from Northtown Cross at Petrockstowe, taking in part of the Tarka Trail.


A 12 mile trail starting from one of the free car parks to the east of Roadford Lake also taking in the pretty village of Bratton Clovelly.

  • Ride 5 Bratton Clovelly & Boasley Cross Trail


A 12 mile trail staring from one of the free car parks to the east of Roadford Lake also taking in the pretty village of Bratton Clovelly.


An 8.7 mile ride out onto Dartmoor from Meldon Reservoir car park where there is ample parking. Ample opprotunities to link in to other trails along the way.

To view locations of above Rides, please use map below, also showing Horse Box parking.

Horse box parking

Ride the Ruby Country has put together a map of parking places for horse boxes and trailers in conjunction with Devon County Council, Forestry Commission, South West Riders and British Horse Society.

Horse box Cookworthy-1

Some of the parking places are at the entrance to Forestry Commission woodlands, where access is required at all times. If you are going to use one of these places, please keep to the side and away from the gates.

To find out more about places to park your horse box or trailer whilst visiting Ruby Country with your horse, click on the Google map below.

Horse holidays

Here in Ruby Country, there is a wealth of opportunities and things to do. It’s a place where you can be yourself. Use this page and its links to discover the world of horse holidays in Ruby Country.

Opportunities for you to bring your horse on holiday with you and stay in one of the growing number of establishments offering horse bed and breakfast.With places to stay for you and your horse, Ruby Country is establishing itself as a destination for horse holidays. Whether you are a rider, or carriage driver, there are opportunities to come to Ruby Country, stay a while and explore the self guided routes.

Horse riding is important to this part of Devon and here in Ruby Country we have everything you need to have a pleasant holiday with your horse and the rest of the family. In Ruby Country there is so much more to do, places to visit, arts and crafts, walking and cycling routes, local events, wildlife and heritage, shopping and more. Ruby Country has lots to offer in addition to horse holidays.


Liberty Trail, The Lodge, Middlemoor, Dartmoor PL19 9DY  Tel: 7967 823 674           


If you are thinking about horse holidays, look at the businesses listed and contact them to discuss your requirements



South Worden B&B, West Putford, Holsworthy EX22 7LG  Tel: 01409 261 448


Equitrax Ltd. Eastfield Farm, Shebbear, Beaworthy EX21 5HN  Tel: 01409 281 276    


South Reed Farm Holidays, Boasley Cross, Bratton Clovelley, Okehampton  EX20 4JJ  Tel: 01837 871 258


Easter Hall Park, Petrockstow, Okehampton EX20 3HP  Tel: 01837 810 350       

carriage driving

Carriage driving

Drive the Ruby Country with BDS Devon. The group is particularly active in Ruby Country and keen to develop the area as a place to come for carriage driving holidays.

Equestrian Directory

Horse riding goods and services

There are a range of businesses supplying horse riding goods and services to help your you whilst visiting Ruby Country.


Not Just Horses, (Jane Goodey) The Bees, Beaworthy, Okehampton. EX21 5AN  Tel: 01837 871 646   


Essie’s Equine, Torridge Way, Dobles Lane Industrial Estate, Holsworthy  EX22 6HL  Tel: 01409 253 900     


Hooper’s Equestrian, 20 Holley Park, Okehampton EX20 1PL Tel; 01837 54495


Laura’s Lessons, West Brendon Stables, Sutcombe, Holsworthy. EX22 7QW 

Tel; 07480646508    

penbode equest

Penbode Equine, North Road, Holsworthy EX22 6HB  Tel: 01409 255 549

Penbode vets offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency vet service, ensuring a dedicated vet is only a phone call away.

In an emergency, simply call the above number and we will ensure a specialised Farm, Pet or Equine veterinary service is available, depending on your need. We will never send a vet who is not dedicated to your animal type, so if you have a farm animal emergency, you will always get a specialised farm vet.

At Penbode Vets, all of our vets work within their own area of expertise, ranging from horse pre-purchase vettings to herd health plans, ensuring you get the highest possible quality of care for your animals.       


Equine Dental Services, Tel: 01409 231 686     


The Grange Equestrian Centre, Northlew Road, Okehampton EX20 3DA  Tel: 01837 52858      


Tracking-Up!, View Farm, Dunsland Cross, Holsworthy EX22 7HY  Tel: 01409 221 889             


Positive Horsemanship, The Stables, Halwill Junction, Beaworthy EX21 5XD  Tel: 01409 211 166       

holsworthy riing club

Holsworthy Riding Club, Tel: 07980 843 716

Established in the 1970’s around the historic market town of Holsworthy, in North West Devon, the club has continued to grow and now welcomes members from a much wider community including North Cornwall.

Equicanine Connections, Springfield Bungalow, Halwill Junction, Beaworthy EX21 5UF  Tel: 07917 282 970

For more information email;


Before setting out on a ride in unfamiliar territory please ensure you have food and drink and are wearing appropriate clothing and are prepared for poor weather. Also, it is advisable to carry a first aid kit and any other equipment to ensure your comfort and safety.

Ruby Country is covered by OS Explorer maps 111, 112, 113 and 126 depending upon where you are riding.

Although carrying a mobile phone is recommended you are advised that in some areas it may not be possible to obtain a strong signal. Please ensure you inform someone of your intended route and time of arrival at your destination.

Code of Riding

Whilst out riding your horse it is important that you abide by a simple code of conduct to ensure you do not conflict with trail and bridleway users, farmers, land owners and other people.

Please take care of the land – do not stray off the line of the route, damage hedgerows by jumping and remember horses’ hooves can damage surfaces in bad weather.

Please show courtesy to others – pay heed to walkers, cyclists and other riders, and acknowledge courtesy shown by drivers.

Please consider farmers – leave gates as you find them, ride slowly past all livestock.

Ride safely and enjoy the countryside.


Common Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) is a specified weed under the Weeds Act 1959. It contains toxins, which can have debilitating or fatal consequences if eaten by horses and other grazing animals.

Ragwort may need to be controlled when its presence and the likelihood of it spreading to neighbouring land poses a risk to horses and other grazing animals or land used for the production of forage.


DEFRA has produced 2 useful publications. Code of Practise on how to prevent the spread of ragwort and Guidance on the disposal options for common ragwort will help you identify ragwort, prevent its spread and dispose of it safely.

Please bear in mind that common ragwort is an important part of our biodiversity, providing important nectar for insects as well as being the larval foodplant for the cinnabar moth caterpillar. Therefore it should only be removed where there is a significant risk of it spreading or being eaten by horses and other livestock.

Useful Websites

For more information on public rights of way in Ruby Country or to comment on the routes visit

To download a copy of Devon County Councils publication Horse Riding in Devon ddhorseriding Click here (pdf download).


To view and download a copy of the BHS publication Health-Benefits-of-Riding in the UK, click here. (1.5mb pdf)

Other links

British Horse Society South West

DEFRA pages on horse passports 


Ruby Country Partnership is pleased to be supporting these businesses and would like to support more. If you are interested in working with Ruby Country Partnership to develop and promote your business please contact us at Holsworthy Information Centre on 01409 254185 or email us at


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