Local Produce


Local Produce – Food and Drink

Local food and drink from Ruby Country. Once tried is never forgotten.

Incorporating quality ingredients with skill and ingenuity the end result is invariably fine local produce from Ruby Country, making a taste of Ruby Country a memorable experience.

Click on your choice of Local Produce or use the map at the bottom of  the page to find the best location for you.


Daisy’s Ice Cream, Trekillick Farm, Kirland, North Cornwall PL30 5BB  Tel; 01208 832818

Our delicious Daisy’s Ice Creams and Sorbets are all made using Cornish Milk and Cream along with only the finest raw ingredients. We still make all our Ice Creams and Sorbets by hand using traditional italian techniques, which means we have the flexibility to make bespoke flavours for your shop, restaurant or special event

www.daisysicecream.co.uk                  sales@daisysicecream.co.uk

curworthy cheese

Curworthy Cheese, Stockbeare Farm, Jacobstowe, Okehampton. EX20 3PZ  Tel: 01837 810 587

For the last 25 years Curworthy Cheese has been made at Stockbeare Farm situated in the mid Devon countryside under the shadow of Dartmoor. A perfect area for grass growing with its unique climate of rain and humidity.


elmar veg

Elmar Organic Vegetables, Pyworthy, Holsworthy.  Ex22        Tel:07792 88 62 59

Elmar vegetables are based in Pyworthy, on the border between Devon and North Cornwall, near to the towns of Holsworthy and Bude.

We supply Organic Vegetable Boxes, delicious, fresh and locally grown to Soil Association Standards.



holsworthy organics

Holsworthy Organics, Ceridwen, Old Rectory Lane, Pyworthy. Holsworthy. EX22 6SW

Welcome, Holsworthy Organics works co-operatively with other small growers to grow and deliver vegetable boxes in the Torridge, West Devon and North Cornwall area.

Delicious ORGANIC VEGETABLE boxes are available each week from a variety of drop of points. (See website) For more information ring 01409 254 450

hallwood veg

Hallwood Fresh Veg, Red Lion Yard, Okehampton. EX20       Tel: 01837 811 762 (office) 01837 53915 (shop)

Hallwood Fresh Veg is an award winning local family business, supplying local people and businesses with our wholesome food, where the environment comes before profit, and flavour comes before yield. Hallwood Fresh Veg offers free delivery of seasonal local produce delivered to your door, choose from a range of sizes of Veg Bags and Veg Boxes which start from as little as £7.

www.hallwoodfarm.com       hallwoodemail@gmail.com 

market cheeses

Market Cheeses, 4 Market Arcade, Holsworthy. EX22 6AN  Tel: 07974 796 715

The ethos of the business is to provide quality products, in a knowledgeable and friendly manner and to make each customer a friend.
We are helped in this by our suppliers and producers who have a similar approach.
No impersonal checkouts, no false offers, no grinding down suppliers prices, no demands for free promotional goods. Just excellent value, competitive prices, courteous service and longstanding relationships with our customers and suppliers.

www.marketcheeses.co.uk                    derek.stratton@outlook.com

youldon moor

Youldon Moor Cottage, Chilsworthy, Holsworthy. EX22 7JL  Tel: 01409 241 996

Youldon Moor Cottage is our smallholding set in the beautiful Devon countryside near Holsworthy. We specialise in slow grown, free range pigs, sheep and poultry.

We have been producing our own delicious meat and eggs for friends and family for many years and we are now opening our doors and offering others the chance to enjoy our products.

We offer fresh pork, lamb, turkey, duck and eggs available via post, local food fairs.

www.youldonmoorcottage.co.uk         youldonmoorcottage@gmail.com

suzzy sweet tooth

Suzy Sweet Tooth, 1 St.Katherines Close, Yelland,Devon EX31 3EW

Crumbly, rich and scrumptious, is the only way to describe the handmade fresh Clotted Cream Devon fudge made traditionally by Suzy, using local butter, clotted cream and milk without any artificial additives or preservatives.

www.suzysweettooth.co.uk             suzanne@suzysweettooth.co.uk

shernick lodge

Season’s Harvest, Shernick Lodge, Red Post, Launcells.  EX22 7HE

red dog bakery

Red Dog Bakery, Broad Street, Black Torrington. EX21 5PT  Tel: 01409 231 735

We are committed to the standards for Real Bread set by the Real Bread Campaign so Real Bread Campaignyou can be sure that you will be eating bread that tastes great and is good for you. Always look for the Real Bread Loaf Mark.

We offer courses on how to bake our bread, click to visit the Red Dog Bakery School

You can find us at Farmers Markets and Food festivals in Devon and Cornwall. See our Calendar

www.reddogbakery.co.uk      info@reddogbakery.co.uk

eversfield organics

Eversfield Organics, Ellacott Barton, Bratton Clovelly, Okehampton. EX20 4LB  Tel: 01837 871 400

Eversfield Organic is a 450 acre family-run organic farm nestling deep in the heart of the Devon countryside on the edge of Dartmoor. The family had held a lifelong ambition to own a small estate in the heart of the country.The Eversfield Organic team wanted to change the blueprint for the newly expanded estate and set about creating a model organic farm from scratch, complete with plans for a state of the art fully EU-licensed cutting plant. This ensured that the ´Eversfield quality´ was maintained throughout the process: from farming our organic livestock through to hanging the meat on site to develop the flavour; and from the all-important skilled butchery to the packaging and shipping of customers’ orders.

www.eversfieldorganic.co.uk                    info@eversfieldorganics.co.uk


 The Wonky Kitchen, Higher Merryfield, Holsworthy. EX22 7BN  Tel: 01409 255 588

We use the finest ingredients to create a selection of high quality creamy fudge. Handmade in a variety of delicious flavours – including classics (Clotted Cream, Chocolate and Rum & Raisin) and contemporary flavours (Strawberry & Balsamic, Lavender & Nectar and Blackcurrent & Rosemary)!

We are based in North West Devon near the Cornwall border. At first the fudge was being made in the farm house kitchen; however we planned to convert the old dairy into a new kitchen with its Wonky roof, however we soon out grow the Wonky Kitchen before it had been converted! We are now making the fudge in Holsworthy in our new Kitchen!

www.thewonkykitchen.com     thewonkykitchen@gmail.com

eastcott vineyard

Eastcott Vineyard, Lower Eastcott, Northlew, Okehampton. EX20 3PT  Tel: 01837 811 012

Our beautiful 6 acre vineyard lies in central West Devon, nestling in a delightful vale, a few miles from Okehampton. From the top of the vineyard the highest point of Dartmoor National Park is just visible behind Heath Moor ridge, which gives all important shelter to the local area. Because the grapes are grown in this country, we can call our wine English, as distinct from British.

www.eastcottvineyard.co.uk                     info@eastcottvineyard.co.uk


Winkleigh Cider Company, Western Barn, Winkleigh. EX19 8AP  Tel: 01837 83560

It all started in 1916, where Sam Inch started to make cider here at Western Barn in Winkleigh. Times were hard and apples were paid in lieu of a salary. At first this arrangement worked to Sam’s advantage but the following year a glut of apples sent prices tumbling. Faced with imminent ruin, Sam was forced to take immediate action. He recognised the potential in his only asset so he borrowed the necessary equipment and made some cider- two hogshead which eventually found their way into the cellars of the White Hart Inn.www.winkleighcider.com


shebbear cheese

The Shebbear Cheese Company,   Tel: 01409 281 481

The Shebbear Cheese Co. is run by Sarah and Chris Styles-Power from their home in Devon. We make all our cheeses by hand in small batches using pasteurised milk from Dunstaple Farm, a well-known Devon ice cream maker. It is this unique combination of creamy milk and traditional cheese making techniques that give our cheeses their buttery rich flavour.

www.shebbearcheese.co.uk      sarah@shebbearcheese.co.uk

holsworthy ales

Holsworthy Ales, Unit 5, Circuit Business Park, Clawton, Holsworthy EX22 6RR    Tel: 07879 401 073

HOLSWORTHY ALES is a microbrewery situated in the heart of the Ruby Country in Devon. We started brewing in June 2011, based in Clawton, near Holsworthy. Our approach to brewing, which is unique in Devon, goes back to traditional methods and avoids all additives. Our draught ales, produced using just barley, hops, water and yeast, are distinctive, popular, and have well defined flavour.

http://www.holsworthyales.co.uk          dave@holsworthyales.co.uk

longhill brewery

Longhill Brewery, Whitstone, Holsworthy. EX22 6UG  Tel: 01288 341 466


Cottage Farm Organics, Jacobstow, North Cornwall.  Tel: 01840 230 548

Cottage Farm delivers fresh organic beef and lamb from our own farm direct to your door without costing the Earth.
We run one of the first organic farms powered entirely by renewable energy, producing fresh organic meat boxes and other farm products from our own herds, delivered to your door. We pride ourselves on the very highest levels of customer service and care and will always do anything we can to help you.

http://www.cottagefarmorganics.co.uk        Cottage.Farm@tiscali.co.uk

dunstable farm

Dunstaple Farm Ice Cream, Dunstaple Farm, Holsworthy. EX22 7BP  Tel: 01409 261 106

Dunstaple Farm manufacturer and supply quality ice creams and sorbets we are based near Holsworthy Devon and have outlets througout the region.

Our ice cream is made on the farm using our own fresh, whole milk, clotted
& double cream which is sourced from local dairies. All the ingredients used,
including flavourings and colours, are natural and of the highest quality.

www.dunstaple.co.uk                      dunstaple.icecream@googlemail


Ruby Country Partnership is pleased to be supporting these businesses and would like to support more. If you are interested in working with Ruby Country Partnership to develop and promote your business please contact us at Holsworthy Information Centre on 01409 254185 or email us at info@ridetherubycountry.co.uk



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